Sunday, May 12, 2013


Amazing things continue to happen at our Tuesday night Alumni/Continuum meeting held at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita.   A man showed up struggling with Heroin addiction.   He'd been clean and sober for nearly three years but recently had a set back and was back on "Smack".   He called the Sheriff's Department looking for a nearby support group and was directed in our meeting.  He was met with support and love, not just from our instructors but by the entire group.  One of our members, a former addict himself, even offering to drive him to a rehab center that night.  Unfortunately, our visitor wasn't ready that night to take the help.  We don't know how this story is going to play out yet, but the man continues to come and stay in touch with some of our Alumni members.  At this point we can pray for him that at some point soon he will have the strength to get back into a sober living environment and "get back on the wagon" to success.

Please come by and join us any Tuesday night from 7PM to 9PM in room C215 -  Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita:

22833 Copper Hill Drive
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

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