Monday, August 20, 2012


Last month Cyndi and I went on vacation to Switzerland, Austria and Italy. While we were in Austria, we went to many of the sights where THE SOUND OF MUSIC was filmed. It was really interesting to see these sights after seeing the movie so many times through the years.

Just a little history on the film... It was filmed in 1965 on location in Austria and starred Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The film won (5) Academy award. Here are some of the locations we visited:

This is the glass gazebo that was used on location, but the actual dance scenes where filmed on a sound stage with a larger gazebo.

This is the church that was used for the marriage scenes between Captain Von Trapp and Maria.

This was the home they used to film the back of the Von Trapp house that overlooked the lake...

And this was the house they used to film the front of the Von Trapp House.

We had a great trip and enjoyed seeing all the sights of this film plus everywhere else we visited!

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