Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am often asked, "How do I become a TV screenwriter?" By writing!

First you need to learn your craft, either by taking writing classes or reading good books about writing. Two authors I like are Robert McKee and Linda Seger. But you've got to write, write, write... That's the only way you get better.

For television writing, I suggest you write a "spec" script (or a couple) for the type of series you would like write for. For example if you write a "spec" BONES script that script would work for the CSI Franchise. Just so you understand you don't write a spec script for the series you're trying to write for. First of all, no one on the show will read it in fear of being accused of "stealing" your idea. Second who knows that show better than the producers who make their living writing for that series. Even if they would read it, they would be more critical on an outsiders script. Think about it, a writer on CSI doesn't know BONES any better than you would.

Once your spec script (or scripts) is written (and re-written), get a list of literary agents from the Writer's Guild of America and start knocking on doors. It will not be easy...

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